Holding Drumsticks

How to be relaxing and comfortable to hold drumsticks?

It’s a time-consuming issue!

When you hold drumsticks to make a stroke, you provide an energy to your drum to produce sound. The batter head is hit and vibrate to deliver sound to drum shell to resonate. The bottom head accepts all energy from the top to keep resonating and sustaining.

It’s a big chain of how sound was produced. So if you can’t provide a quality energy in the beginning. Your drum can’t produce a lovely sound for you either.

Vic Firth Drumsticks
Vic Firth Drumsticks

Holding eggs to sprint

When I was a kid, my mom asked me to barrow an egg from a neighbor. I was watching my favorite cartoon, so I run back home as fast as I could once I got the egg. I gotta not only keep the strength of my hands to ensure the egg is safe, but also keep the running speed fast!

At the moment, the strength I held the eggs is the perfect strength to hold drumsticks as well!

I’m not sure if the story above is appropriate. How about having a try later and figure out your own story.