Start a new language

During my engineer career I’ve been learned kinds of programming languages, including C language, Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, M68K Assembly, Visual Basic and so on. That means I gotta start a new thing from a scratch very often. So I develop a ‘system’ so that I can feel comfortable to start a brand new area.

The system includes 3 items: a whole picture, the common point, and a consultant !

start a new language
Programming TextBooks

a whole picture

Less unknown, less panic!

When I’m going to visit a new place, I check Google Map and even street view so that I can have a whole picture of the place. Doing that always makes me comfortable before my trip.

When I start a new language, I like to Google it and check Wiki first, and to study the introduction, overview and even the history of it. Doing that makes me comfortable and let me step forward without panic.

the common point

As the article I mentioned about program languages, I talked about the Logic of a language is what it truly matters.

If you’re good at one language, it’ll be easy to find the common point and utilize the thing you’ve already known to bring you to a new world sooner.

a consultant

Once you get a whole picture and find the common, you gotta go further and deeper. You start to encounter kinds of problems. A consultant here is NOT a real person. It’s a textbook, we call ‘A Bible’, means big, fat textbook that includes everything, every details so that you can get the information you want from it to solve the problem.

In a word, I usually buy 2 books in different sizes in the beginning. One is a small book with basic concepts, overviews and examples, which provides me with a whole picture, and release my anxiety. The other one is a big book which includes the information as much detailed as it can, so that I can check it as a consultant to solve the complicated problems I encounter.

Please Enjoy the ‘system’! Good Luck !


Programming Language

How many is enough?

I read an article about the ranking of the popular programming languages. It occurs to me that the ranking made me panic when I was a student. I was thinking if I gotta learn the more kinds of programming language, the better job I can get. But , how many is enough?

It’s about HOW, not WHAT!

As the way we use language in our life to communicate with people. Programming Language plays a role of communication between computer and engineer, software and hardware, device and device.

Precise expression matters!

If we want to make a restaurant reservation on the phone, speaking local language is much easier to make it. But if we got lost in a foreign country and try to ask for help, body language will be much useful!

programming languages
programming languages

There’s no ‘the MOST’ powerful programming language. It’s all about the product you or your company is going to develop. If the product is a web application provides with web service, Python, JavaScript and PHP could be ‘the Most’ powerful languages to you. If your company is an IC-Design house, Verilog should be the one.

Logic matters!

How many is enough? In my point of view, ONE is enough. If you are very good at ONE language, you’re definitely good at the logic of thinking and ‘speaking’ in the language. The logic is a fundamental to manipulate a language to do everything you want. Once you can ‘speak’ naturally in the language, you will be comfortable to learn another one.

In conclusion, If you want to speak like a native speaker, you gotta think like a native speaker first. Because the logic matters.